5 Famous murders from the 1940s

11 March 2020

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Here are five famous murders from the 1940s:

  1. The Black Dahlia is one of the best-known unsolved murder cases in America. The victim was called the Black Dahlia by the media, the 22 year old actress called Elizabeth Short was found with her body mutilated in Los Angeles. The body parts were found by a mother who was out with her young child.

There was no blood at the scene which made her body seem like a mannequin. There have been 200 people who have been suspected for her murder. There were a good few people who even confessed to leaving her body at the scene. The police and investigators have not been able to pinpoint the killer.

  1. Thomas John Ley had supposedly abducted the lover of his mistress with the help of two other men. They had tortured the other man before dumping his body in a Surrey Chalkpit. Ley was soon arrested with his accomplice Lawrence John Smith and both were sentenced to death by hanging. Both men’s sentences were commuted with Smith’s punishment changed to life sentence and Ley being declared insane and sent to Broadmoor. He died not too long after this. There was insufficient evidence and forensic evidence to convict them.
  2. In 1943, three boys hunting a bird’s nest spotted an enticing Wych Elm which is one of the most common breeds of an Elm tree. The tree has a wide trunk which is hollow, when one of the boys climbed in he saw a skull with hair attached with human teeth. It seemed as though someone’s body was stuffed inside the tree.

The crime wasn’t reported immediately because the boys were trespassing. Forensics showed that a lady had been smothered and stuffed inside the tree. This crime was never solved but theories showed that it could be witchcraft or a woman who simply knew too much during wartime.

  1. Howard Unruh was America’s first mass shooter in 1949. After he was done, 13 people were dead with three others wounded. Unruh had grabbed a gun and set off to kill everyone who wronged him. The hitlist included a cobbler, barber and a drugstore owner. He killed motorists who were passing by during the shootings. Once police got there, he fled to his apartment and engaged in a shootout. He confessed his crime, he never stood trial but was admitted to a mental hospital where he died at the age of 88 years old.
  2. Marie Noe was the most unlucky mother in the world. Over the course of 18 years she lost ten of her children. The deaths began in April 1949 and ended in Jan 1968. Noe had gathered a lot of support from everyone because all of her children had died. But in 1998 Noe admitted she killed 8 or her children by smothering them with a pillow. She was sentenced to 20 years of probation which included house arrest and psychiatric treatment.

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