8 tips to keep your teens active

8 January 2019

Check out the kids adventure play: Wider Earth, in which Charles Darwin embarks on an adventure of a lifetime. Book your tickets for this adventure play now!

London is full of awesome things to do whatever your age. But here we’re focusing on teens. After you've checked all the London must-dos off your list, such as all the museums, the iconic "Big Ben" clock tower and Westminster Abbey, try entertaining your teens with one of these great activities, these are among our favorites for keeping teenagers active in London. 




  1. UP at the O2 - London is huge. You need to get your teenagers mind around this as soon as possible, make them aware that there is endless wonder in this city. The best way to do this is with Up at The O2, who’ll help you clamber over the mighty venue. It’s pretty steep but you’re clipped on, so you have no risk of sliding off. Once on top, gaze at the towers of the City, the Thames rolling towards its estuary, the hills rising to the north and south and London stretching westwards, forever.


  1. The London Bridge experience - Not for the faint hearted teenager! Relive the trials and tribulations of London through the ages with this audience participating attraction exploring one of the city’s most iconic sites. Enter if you dare and beware of what might lurk in the shadows.


  1. Spy on a real trial - Teens 14 years of age and over can make a trip to the Old Bailey and listen in to a real-life court drama. Young people interested in a career in law may even find this day trip educational. Be advised - you cannot enter the court with a camera phone. You can book a tour of the Old Bailey and other London courts here.


  1. Visit one of many free museums in London - Make the most of your visit in the city with free museums and galleries such as, wander through the spectacular halls of the Natural History Museum, as you discover fascinating exhibits from the natural world, from dinosaurs’ skeletons to a giant blue whale model.  Natural history museum tickets may need to be booked for some exhibits.


  1. Emirates Air Line cable car - Glide above the Thames in the Emirates Air Line cable car and enjoy great views of London. Using the cable car is an easy way to get from the Greenwich Peninsula to the Royal Docks. Your teen will get a discount when they show their Zip Oyster card.


  1. The Globe Theatre – is your teen struggling with Shakespeare at school? Take in Shakespeare in a more attention-grabbing way from one of London’s oldest thespian venues. Think immersive, dark, updated and unique spins on well known classics. Or sneak off to the Sam Wannamaker Playhouse next door for a candlelit indoor experience. If theatre isn’t your thing but architecture is then don’t miss out on a guided tour of the theatre itself.


  1. Play Ping-Pong at Bounce London - Teens will love Bounce, a chic ping-pong venue said to live on the very site where the game was invented. It's a great social activity for friendly teens to meet others and the recent technological integrations, such as a laser-guided table, make it a unique experience for everyone. (Adults can relax with a cocktail in the Victorian-inspired bar area.)


  1. Go for a slide – For some adventure play visit the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park and then let the bravest among you take a slide down the world's tallest and longest tunnel slide where you might just reach speeds of up to 15 miles an hour! The ArcelorMittal Orbit is 250 foot high and features 12 thrilling twists and turns.


Check out the kids adventure play: Wider Earth, in which Charles Darwin embarks on an adventure of a lifetime. Book your tickets for this adventure play now!