A great team building experience in London

27 March 2019

Team building events are essential if you want your team to have a better team relation - you are looking at the most important asset of your business which is the staff. Your company might have the best product or industry changing business plan but it doesn’t mean a thing if there aren’t excellent employees behind it.

Employees are the heart of every company and investing in team building experiences will help them to enhance their role and their connections within the company.

Team building experiences need to happen in companies of all sizes and structures whether you have thousands of employees or 5 employees. We have come to an age where more and more people are working from home or are hot desking which means that they are not able to see their colleagues on a regular basis, this can have an impact on their rapport with their colleagues. If the employees feel settled and happy then the company is bound to do well whether it is a large or a small company.

If you are the owner of the company you might think how can we take a whole day away from the office. You might think that the cost of not being at work is a lavish expense that you can do without. If you think about it logically, team building experiences aren’t something that you can do without, it is a vital part of the company’s growth. If you look at the costs incurred due to an underperforming team, then spending on team building activities is much easier!

Here are some reasons why team building experiences are ideal for a company:
  • Team building helps other employees from different areas of the company to get to know each other. They can interact with other colleagues that they don’t see on a regular basis. This will help people from the marketing team to get to know the finance team and long term staff to get to know the new hires. Team building will help people to embrace diversity and helps everyone to be on an equal level. People no longer stay at one job for their lifetime so connections that are made can help people in their future prospects.
  • Every job can get boring at times so people like to go for employers and companies that are fun. They are more likely to go for a company that recognises that employees are actual people who would like to try new things and spend time together. Team building will increase the morale of the employees and will give employees a mental break from work to build connections that they feel are more valued. An engaged worker is a productive worker which increases your bottom line.
  • People are more comfortable having a larger imagination with people they feel comfortable with. Team building brings people together as well as contribute to a more successful and creative workplace.

There are many different team building experiences out there, you might be thinking what shows are on in London for the team to go and see as there are many immersive theatres in London. We have a zombie experience in London called Variant 31, this is the largest immersive survival experience in Europe. The 90 minute long adrenaline pumping live action game will help the team bond over how to solve the group challenges and puzzles to get the path to freedom.

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