A guide to the best adventure show in London

6 February 2019

Be warned if you’re looking for plays in London then there’s only one adventure show that’s buzzing right now! Be ready to embrace this Natural History Museum event - The first show to ever be produced at the Natural History Museum, The Wider Earth. The new play by David Mortan, co-produced by Trish Wadley Productions and Dead Puppet Society. 

The Wider Earth is now making its debut at the Natural History Museum’s Jerwood Gallery following sold-out seasons in Brisbane and Sydney. 

The play showcases a 22-year-old Charles Darwin embarking on an adventure of a lifetime on HMS Beagle, setting sail on a voyage to the far side of the world. The Beagle making stops across the world as Darwin examines all manner of wildlife on offer, twigging the brutal struggle for surviving occurring in rock pools, in the skies and, of course, between humanity. 

This adventure show is brought to life by a cast of seven, alongside an astonishing 30 hand-made puppets representing the exotic wildlife Darwin encountered, it is an original cinematic score with dazzling animations, The Wider Earth is an extraordinary theatrical event about the theory that changed everything. 

While at the Museum be sure to visit the Library which obtains the largest collection of works by and about Darwin in existence. Although Darwin did not have a formal connection to the Museum, his work underpins all modern research in evolutionary biology, which is a major area of study for scientists. The Darwin collection also contains secondary resources for researchers studying Darwin and evolution. 

The collection embraces 1,628 works written by Darwin in a range of languages. It features a number of different editions of various works, including 477 versions of On the Origin of Species. 

Looking for entertainment during the new year? Come join us and experience The Wider Earth at the Natural History Museum. Book your tickets today!