More about those behind Sleepless

10 February 2020

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There has been a lot of people waiting for a musical theatre performance is based on the hit movie Sleepless in Seattle. The movie starred Hollywood greats such as Meg Ryan, Tom Hanks, Bill Pullman and Ross Mallinger. Sleepless is a theatre play that is as mesmerising as the movie and will fill your heart with the same warm feeling the movie gave you all those years ago.

Sleepless in Seattle was filmed in 1993 and was an instant hit that elevated its stars. The movie smashed the box office by grossing $227.9 million even though the budget for the film was only $21 million. This film was extremely popular, it actually won two Oscars for Best Original song and Best Original Screenplay at the 66th Annual Academy awards.

Tom Hanks won best Actor for Comedy and Meg Ryan won best actress in a musical or comedy at the Annual Golden Globe Award. Meg Ryan also went further to win an American Comedy award for the funniest actress in a leading role. Ross Malinger the young child who was in the movie also won the Young Artist Award for Best Actor under 10 in a motion picture.

The theatre shows will take place at Troubadour Wembley park Theatre in London. These shows will be very limited and will only run for a total of 6 weeks. The tickets will be selling like hot cakes so it is best for you to get your hands on the best seats. The tickets cost between £25.00 and £55.00 which is reasonable for a lovely day out.

What is Sleepless: A Musical Romance about?

An eight year old Jonah calls a Seattle radio station to help his heartbroken father to share his feelings live on air about his wife passing. After the radio call he becomes the most popular widow, who many women want to date. Annie is a journalist three thousand miles away, she begins to question her current relationship and begins to think that Sam can be more than just a juicy story. But, how can she know for certain without meeting each other?. This all unravels on top of the empire state building. This story gives people comfort that there Is someone out there for everyone.

Sleepless’ cast includes Kimberly Walsh and Michael D. Xavier. Kimberly is popularly known for her part in the well known pop girl group Girls Aloud. They have had 20 consecutive top ten singles including 4 that were number 1. She made her first theatre debut playing princess Fiona in the London production of Shrek the Musical. She has done some campaigns for clothing brands New look and Puma. She also took part in the dance television show Strictly come dancing where she came as a runner up.

Michael D. Xavier has had an extensive theatre experience as he has been playing lead roles for the last 15 years. Theatre performances such as The Phantom of the Opera, Oklahoma! and the sound of music. He has been nominated for the best Actor in a Musical performance for his role of Oscar in the theatre performance Love Story. Xavier was also nominated for a Laurence Oliver Award twice for his roles into the Woods and Love Story.

The show is being directed by Morgan Young and has a book featured by Michael Burdette. The music by Robert Scott and it has lyrics by Brendan Cull. The show is a romantic musical that springs to life thanks to a live orchestra and Full cast.

Are you looking for romantic theatre shows? Come check out Fame the Musical in London. Book your tickets for this epic romance musical now!