Top 10 All Time Wedding Songs

28 January 2020

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Weddings are a special thing for both the Bride and the Groom. They set the mood for what the wedding will be like.

Here’s a list of the top 10 all-time wedding songs:
  1. Etta James – “At Last”
    This song has to be the most popular song till this day for weddings. Etta was a blues great who recorded this classic in 1960. This song gained major popularity when it was sung by Beyonce at one of President Barak Obama’s inaugural balls in 2009.

  2. Ray LaMontagne – “You are the Best Thing”
    This song became popular when it was featured in a Rom Com from the year 2009 called I Love you, Man. The film was about a man seeking a best man for his forthcoming wedding. The song is very emotive and was created in 2008. This song has become one of the popular wedding songs of its time.

  3. Al Green – “Let’s Stay Together”
    This song might sound like a gospel song, but it has topped the Billboard chart. It has a southern soul about it, sung by Rev Al Green. It might not be able keep couples together forever, but it can definitely bring them to the dancefloor.
  4. Frank Sinatra – “The Way you look tonight”
    This song was originally featured in the movie Swing Time. It won the Academy Award for the best original song in 1936. The song has been a big hit for many years and is featured in a lot of films such as Once Upon a Honeymoon and the Parent Trap.
  5. Adele – “Make you feel my love”
    Adele is the Queen of emotional songs so it is no surprise that she covered this song which is originally a Bob Dylan classic in her album 19. It was also featured in a popular Rom Com called When in Rome.
  6. Stevie Wonder – “Isn’t she Lovely“
    This popular wedding song has been used for the arrival of the bride at their wedding reception. It was initially conceived to celebrate the birth of Stevie Wonders daughter Aisha.
  7. Shania Twain – “from this moment on”
    This song has been played at weddings all over the world. This country pop ballad was from Shania’s 1997 album; Come on Over.
  8. Bon Jovi – “Thank you for Loving Me”
    From Bon Jovi’s Grammy Nominated album called Crush, this song was covered by Bryan Adams who was inspired by Brad Pitt’s character in the romantic fantasy film Meet Joe Black.
  9. Diana Ross & Lionel Richie – “Endless Love”
    A staple at any wedding, if not played first it’s definitely on the list of wedding songs. This song dwarfed the movie that it was originally made for. This remains one of Diana Ross’ biggest sellers.
  10. Queen – “Crazy Little Thing Called Love”
    This song will definitely get the dance floor filled at any wedding reception, it became Queens first US No 1 in 1980.

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