Top 10 High School movies of all time

19 November 2019

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High School movies have been very popular for decades, this is due to the fascination us Brits have with foreign school systems. We are interested in how they dress to the types of lockers they have. High Schools have been depicted in sitcoms as a place for friendship, rivalry and drama. Everyone can relate to high school movies because we have all been through the highs and lows of teen life.

The anxiety, the cliques, friendships and love help us reflect back on our life as a teen, we instantly find ourselves rooting for a group of people. Funnily enough this is us really rooting for our younger self. Movies such as High School Musical have been very popular with the newer generations. KX tickets are offering Theatre plays London such as High School Musical Shows called Fame.

High school movies will never die but will evolve with time. Here are the top 10 high school movies of all time:

  1. The Breakfast Club - this movie is about five high school students. They are from all walks of life and cliques but have come together on one Saturday in detention. They don’t get along at first but then they realise that they are not that different.
  2. Heathers - this production tells the story of a girl called Veronica who had enough of being in the popular clique at school so decides to kill the leader of the clique. This movie is a funny satire of different high school cliques and popularity contests that plague most high schools.
  3. Ferris Bueller’s day off - this story is about a young boy and his best friends trying to pull off the best sick day ever. He borrows a Ferrari and has the best day but the deep message associated with this film is that he is really at a cross road in his life as the future is fast approaching.
  4. Clueless - this movie is about a girl called Cher, she has a charmingly warped view of the world which you will see in the first minute. This is based on Jane Austin’ Emma, the teens in this movie are not like regular teens, they speak in a vernacular way and have things that are far nicer than an average teen. Yet they have the same emotional problems like everyone else.
  5. 10 things I Hate About You - this film isn’t the most realistic of high school movies but if you are looking for a high school that exists in the best years of your life then this will be it.
  6. Mean Girls - this is a film for the internet age. It is a complex sociological film about a girl who peaked too soon. Mean Girls was released in 2004 at the earliest years of millennial expression. This film has become a cult classic, you will see many different experiences such as bullying, social hierarchy and school dances.
  7. Superbad - this movie wanted to capture what all the other high school movies didn’t. They wanted the actors to speak and act with sheer authenticity. Three friends actually express what it is like to be in high school, gone were the choregraphed dance sequences and actors that were too old to play teenagers.
  8. Carrie - this film is a little bit like Matilda but way creepier. Its about a 16 year old girl who is tormented in school and develops supernatural powers that helps her get revenge on all the people that have wronged her.
  9. Bring it On - this film would be the cliché of a high school movie. This movie is cheerleaders and athletes who own the school which is true to some high schools around the world.
  10. 21 Jump Street - this film is out to critique the lessons of most of the movies on this list. This is because the nerd best pal is getting more attention than the previously popular Channing Tatum.

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