US High Schools VS UK secondary Schools

19 December 2019

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We sometimes think that a school is just a school and that they are all the same. This is not the case actually; schools are different across different countries. We watch American high schools in musical theatre and theatre shows that depict their culture. There is a big difference between American and British schools.

Here are some of the differences between British and American schools:

  • In America, students usually have around 10 – 12 weeks off for summer vacation. The schools can release their students from the end of May to mid-August or mid-June to the beginning of September. British schools are much different, all of them start their holidays at the end of July and return at the beginning of September. This means that British students get around 6 weeks of holiday.

American students don’t usually have much time away throughout the year, but British schools have half term holidays which is a one-week break in October, February and May. British students also have around 2 weeks off around Easter and Christmas.

  • Another big difference is the uniform that we have in schools. In Britain we are made to wear our uniform which usually consists of a blazer, shirt, trousers and school approved shoes, which are usually black. There are some schools where students have to ask their teachers whether they can take their blazer off or not. The uniforms are in the school colours with the school logo clearly on display. American kids on the other hand can wear whatever they want as long as it is not inappropriate.
  • The most notably missing thing in the UK is the big yellow bus. In the UK students rely on public transport to get to school or have to get their parents to drop them off. This is referred to as the “school run”. In America the bus system is standard, anyone that attends a public school will be picked up and dropped off by a yellow school bus. Most American students work part time jobs in an effort to buy cars so they don’t have to take the transport system. A car shows status as well.
  • British students mostly spend ages 5 – 10 in primary school and secondary schools have students aged 11 – 18. British schools are compulsory for students until the age of 18. The British school system needs to follow the national curriculum but the American school system has a large amount of freedom in what they teach.
  • American School cafeterias are not a pleasant place. The kids have to wait in line to be served, the food tastes like cardboard. There is a scoop of fruit salad which is hard to muster. British students call their lunchroom a canteen, the food includes things such as Vegetable moussaka and Ratatouille with Mediterranean herb couscous. In British schools, school children are not allowed to eat food in class. They are only allowed to drink fruit juices or water. They are not able to enjoy fizzy drinks like American students.
  • American schools offer classes that are usually general or advanced. They mostly pick which type of class they’d like to take. In British schools, students are separated into groups depending on their ability, they can change throughout the year. This makes it clear to everyone what type of progress they are making.

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