What to expect from an immersive experience in London

29 March 2019

What is an immersive experience?

There are two types of immersive experiences, one is when you are actually in the physical environment and the other is when you are shown around a real or imagined environment. This can be via a desktop, mobile, tablet or a VR headset.

Immersion means nothing without a purpose, it is the story you want to tell. If there is no story, there is nothing to be immersed in and all the technology that you are currently using is nothing more than a gimmick. It is not enough to just tell the story, when you look at great experiences they usually make the user discover the story themselves. That is the most important way to create a compelling immersive experience. The designer of the immersive experience will need to challenge their audience in order to draw them in.

The immersion field whether they are through VR, AR or MR is new and constantly developing. The key principles are not features of the technology that makes immersion possible. They are psychological insights into the way we think about things and how we experience things. This means that no matter how technology changes and develops, the designers will keep coming back to the basics of the narrative and storytelling. They will usually only use the technology to enhance the experience.

Uses of marketing and advertising

  • Immersive advertising will use new ad technology to take advantage of a mobile phones sensory input. These sensory input all the immersive ad to respond to the devices motion which is effective for mobile phone advertising. They are very interactive and are able to initiate and sustain ad engagement.


  • Experiential marketing is very common implementation of immersive technology in business. Brands can set up interactive booths at county fairs, malls or even sporting events where people can try promotional VR experiences. These can be promotional experiences based on movies, shows or products.


  • Immersive web ads work best in mobile but can be flexible as it works in either mobile web or in app. This will allow consumers to explore a brand within an ad unit seamlessly while browsing the internet without having to be redirected into a page.

London has to be one of the greatest cities in the world; there are different pubs, clubs and boozy brunches. There is never a shortage of things to do. You might need a little escapism in the capital and reading Harry Potter for the hundredth time is not going to cut it. It’s excellent to know that London has a whole heap of immersive experiences London from sky scrapers and a survival experience, to partying like it’s the 1960’s.

One of the immersive experience days in London is one of Europe’s largest survival experience, Variant 31 arrives at a secret central London location from 13th April 2019. If you have ever wondered what it will be like inside a horror movie then this is the perfect immersive experience for you.

Do you have what it takes to stay alive in this survival experience? Then come join in our experience day in London, book your tickets today!