Why live theatre is better than the movies

13 March 2019

For thousands of years there have been people telling very beautiful extravagant stories to each other. We are in the time of technology so these stories can reach millions of people all around the world. For example the story of a young boy who was lost in India whose story was depicted through the film Lion or even the film about a talented football player that was adopted.

These are the stories that have become movies to entertain the public. There are people that would prefer the old fashioned way of stories being told live in front of an audience. London theatre shows such as the Lion King and Les Miserable have been very popular with thousands of people watching them.

Here are a few reasons we think live theatre is better than the movies:

  1. The most obvious difference between the movies and live theatre is that live theatre has more immediacy. In the movies the events aren’t really happening before your eyes but are projected onto the screen. In the best west end shows, the events are unfolding right in front of you. What you are seeing hasn’t been edited until perfection or reworked until the director is happy with it. There are chances that something might go wrong which makes the performance much more exciting. When everything goes right it makes the show miraculous. 

  2. There is a reason that theatre actors are considered more talented than movie and television actors even in Hollywood. An actor in the movie will be able to get lots of chances to get their role correct, movies go from scene to scene. A theatre actor would need to do every scene perfectly every time. Movie directors can mask a lot of their actor’s deficiencies but in the theatre the acting needs to be flawless for a good show. If there is a stunt in a movie the director will find a stunt double but in the theatre performance the actor will have to do the stunt. 
  3. Movie directors don’t often film scenes in sequence which means that the actors won’t see the full movie until the premier. Theatre actors on the other hand will be completely in tune with the narrative flow of storytelling. They will know how to portray tension as the story unfolds which is not a luxury a movie actor has. This is usually why theatre performances are more compelling than the movies. The theatre actors get to perform their story in chronological order which means that they are effectively tell a story which makes the stage more gripping than a story told on the screen. 
  4. Your local cinema might have the most cutting edge sound technology but there is nothing that can replace the sound of a live show. Movie directors will dub in extra music to make a fight scene or a car crash sound better. At the theatres you will be able to hear live music as the sound is produced right there. Actors will be singing which will give a high quality performance. 
  5. London show tickets will give you the ability to meet the actors and actresses that have performed for you. There is not a high chance that you will be able to meet Angelina Jolie or Jennifer Lawrence after watching their movie. But, if you stay behind the theatre performance for a short while, the actors might come out and you can get autographs and let them know how you felt about their performance.

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