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Discover China before communism

SHEN YUN presents an epic production that takes you on a journey through 5,000 years of Chinese civilisation.

Featuring one of the world’s oldest art forms — classical Chinese dance — Shen Yun brings to life the enchanting beauty and profound wisdom of ancient China.

This culture, with its deep spiritual roots and profound worldview, was displaced by the communist regime in China. Though Shen Yun cannot perform in mainland China today, this precious heritage is being revived around the world.

Enter a world where maidens danced with ethereal grace and warriors trained with explosive vigor, where timeless tales of valor, virtue, and humour were born, where scholars and artists sought harmony with the
Tao, or the “Way” of the universe, and where heaven and earth connected to inspire hope for humanity.

Join us for the experience of a lifetime.



Eventim Apollo
Running Time
2 hours including an interval
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Age Recommendations
14s and under with an adult. No under 5s permitted.

For access information and bookings please contact the venue directly.


Families are a big part of our audience, and each year children enjoy the performance, with favorite pieces being the Monkey King or the mischievous little monks. But please do think of your fellow patrons; consider whether your child can sit through the entire performance without disturbing others. In that vein, most venues will not permit entry to children under four, while other theaters and local presenters will require that a child must be at least five or six years old to attend.

Sorry, no. “How about smartphones?” Still no. “And what about…” Nope. Photography and recording of any kind is strictly prohibited. Even without a flash, photography and recording disrupts our performers—the dancers can see it! It also interferes with other audience members trying to enjoy the performance. And it’s a violation of copyright laws. Theater staff and security personnel take this very seriously.

Every year, Shen Yun’s performance is completely new. The format of the show stays the same, but the choreography, music, songs, costumes, backdrops, and stories are all new.

Although the performance does not include Chinese martial arts, classical Chinese dance and martial arts (kung fu or wu shu) do share some similarities.

Thousands of years ago, when Chinese martial arts first appeared, its flips and techniques greatly influenced other ancient art forms, including opera and dance. Some of the movements originally intended for combat were transformed into a means of entertainment for both informal festive occasions and grand imperial celebrations. Over time, martial arts and classical Chinese dance grew into the separate art forms we know today.

In the Shen Yun performance you might therefore see not only movements that look similar to martial arts, but you might also see traditional weapons—sticks, spears, swords, and the like—used in both martial arts and Chinese dance.

Yes. Every Shen Yun performance is accompanied by a one-of-a-kind orchestra that combines Western symphonic instruments with traditional Chinese instruments like the two-stringed erhuthe plucked pipa, and a range of percussion instruments. Shen Yun’s orchestra is the first in the world to include these categories of instruments as its permanent members. It has done what many have tried to do and not succeeded at: blend two distinct musical traditions into one harmonious sound.

Definitely. In fact, our audience makeup reflects the typical patronage of the venues where we perform. Each performance is hosted by emcees who will guide you throughout, and provide the background knowledge needed for you to enjoy the experience fully; all song texts are translated and appear on the backdrop screen; and programs provide introductions to each piece.

Most importantly, though, dance and music are universal languages that transcend cultural and linguistic boundaries. Shen Yun’s hallmark themes of compassion, courage, and hope are likewise universal. If you enjoy brilliant costumes, beautiful music, high-flying dance techniques, touching stories, and exciting legends, you’ll enjoy Shen Yun.


Eventim Apollo

45 Queen Caroline Street London W6 9QH UK

The Eventim Apollo is on Queen Caroline Street, W6, directly opposite the Broadway Shopping Centre. Hammersmith tube and bus stations are within the shopping centre and are wheelchair accessible. Please note that theft from cars in the area is high so please do not park in the vicinity of the venue.

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Nearest Tube: Hammersmith (Piccadilly, District and Hammersmith & City lines). The station is wheelchair accessible.


Buses: 9, 10, 27, 33, 419, 72, H91, 190, 211, 220, 267, 283, 295 and 391. Hammersmith bus station is wheelchair accessible.