Witness for the Prosecution

Witness for the Prosecution

Can be booked online. Full details of how to set yourself up as an access customerr can be found here

Alternatively please email [email protected]

Access rate is 2/3 of a full-price ticket.  

If 2 tickets are purchased at the access rate (i.e. to accommodate a carer/companion/PA also), the Access rate is 1/2 of full-price for each ticket.  

(Applicable on price Bands A - E and Jury Seats)
Our Box Office

Our venue box office is located in the foyer of London County Hall. You will find it on the right as you enter through the main doors.


Street Level to Foyer: 6 steps
Foyer to Courtroom Stalls: 31 steps
Stalls Level to Galleries: 33 steps
Galleries: Enter at row B. 2 steps down to row A. 2 steps up to row C. 6 steps up to row D.
Steps in the Galleries are steep and narrow.

In addition there is double door access from street to the foyer via a ramp: 1.6m


Row F has step free access and wheelchair spaces. There are steps down, via the aisles, to all other rows.
Please see our access page for information on how to book wheelchair positions, and other access seats, online.
There is great signal for the hearing loop in the majority of the stalls, except for row A.

VIP Jury Seats

The back row of the Jury box (seats 7-12) can be reached step free. There are a couple of steps to the front row (seats 1-6).
Jury seats 1 and 7 are against a low wall so are not aisle seats. Seats 6 and 12 are aisle seats.
There is no signal for the hearing loop in Jury seats 1, 2, 7 and 8. There is signal in the other Jury seats.



Access to the Galleries is up a flight of stairs, with no lift access. Once at Gallery level, the steps to access Rows C and D are steep. Seats in Row A have narrow access due to the original features of the grade II listed galleries. These seats may not be suitable for patrons with mobility related requirements or vertigo sufferers. We advise that patrons with specific requirements check with box office before purchasing Gallery tickets.
The best signal for the hearing loop is in the Central Gallery.

Wheelchair Spaces

The primary wheelchair space in the auditorium is in the Courtroom Stalls, row F 160. This is not a seat but a space where a wheelchair can be parked for the duration of the performance. Seat F 159 next to it is a designated personal assistant seat.
The wheelchair and personal assistant seat can be booked online - if there are no bookable wheelchair positions on the seating plan please call 0333 320 1663 (option 1) or email [email protected]
Dimensions of Wheelchair Space: W: 60cm x L: 120cm

Lift Access

Access to the Stalls can be step free as there is a lift from the street to the atrium, and a separate lift from the atrium to the chamber (stalls).
There is no lift access to the Galleries so please do not book ticket on the Gallery level if you are unable to manage stairs or heights.
Doors on the lifts are automatic.

Lift Dimensions

Access Entrance to Courtroom Stalls: 2.0m (double doors from lift walkway to stalls level)
Foyer to Courtroom Stalls: 1.08m (lift door)

Accessible Toilets

Quantity: 1 unisex / 1 Male / 1 Female

Location: Foyer level, accessed through two heavy doors that staff can assist in opening.
Entry Door Width: 1.34m
Cubicle Door Width: 0.88m

Location: Courtroom Stalls level inside the Female toilets
Entry Door Width: 0.83m
Cubicle Door Width: 0.92m

Location: Courtroom Stalls level inside the Male toilets
Entry Door Width: 0.83m
Cubicle Door Width: 0.92m

Door Widths 

Main Doors: 1.37m
Accessible Door: 1.58m
Gate Between Foyer & Courtroom: 1.47m (when both open), 75cm approx (when one open)
Courtroom Stalls Doors: 1.47m double doors
Gallery Doors: 0.82m
Doors to Stairs: 0.82m

All doors are manual but staff will be on hand to assist where necessary.

Seat Widths

Stalls: 21 inches / 53.34cm
Gallery: The gallery has benched seating rather than individual seats, but there are numbers on the floor so you can see where on the bench you should sit.

Hearing Loop

There is a hearing loop at the venue for patrons who are hard of hearing. The system works best in the Courtoom Stalls and Central Gallery and can be obtained from our Front of House team.
To see a map of where the hearing loop will and will not work in the Stalls, please click here.
To see a map of where the hearing loop will and will not work in the Galleries, please click here.
Seats where the loop will not work are marked in red.
The maps will open in a new window.

Assistance Animals

There is space in front/under seats in the Stalls for assistance animals to sit without blocking aisles, which are sometimes used by the cast to enter/exit the stage.
If you would prefer our Front of House team to take care of your assistance animal during the performance, please let us know and your animal can be cared for in a safe place until you need them returned to you.


Accessible Travel Information

You can view full travel information by clicking here.

Public Transport: Step free access from the Jubilee Line at Waterloo Station (9 minute walk) and the Circle and District Lines at Westminster (7 minute walk).

Accessible Tube Maps

Click on the map you'd like to view to open it in a new window:

Large Print Tube Map

- Avoiding Stairs Tube Guide

- Step Free Tube Guide

- Claustrophobia / Anxiety Tube Map


Walking: Both Westminster and Waterloo Bridges are wheelchair accessible, as are the Golden Jubilee Bridges, connecting the South Bank with Victoria Embankment.

Driving: There are a couple of car parks nearby, though they are relatively expensive;

Waterloo Car Park is a 2 minute walk from County Hall but has no disabled parking bays - http://www.lookingforcarpark.com/

Q-Park Westminster is a 12 minute walk away and whilst it does not have any disabled parking bays, Q-Park strive to make their car parks accessible with lifts, ramps and automatic doors - http://www.q-park.co.uk/parking/london/q-park-westminster

For coaches, there are coach bays on Belvedere Road for short stay pick up and drop off, just a two minute walk from the entrance to County Hall. These bays are operated by Merlin Events and require a permit as they are also used by customers for their South Bank attractions. You can book a permit by emailing [email protected] or by calling 0333 321 2001.

Map of County Hall

Click here to read the Euan's Guide review of London County Hall.

So that the venue staff can ensure you have an enjoyable experience, you can let us know when you book your tickets whether you have any specific requirements, such as the need for step free access or if you will be bringing an assistance animal. You can discuss your needs by phone in confidence with our staff or you can self-certify when registering online. For more information on registering online, or our disability policies and procedures in general, please read our KX Access Information page here.

To view this information in .PDF format, click here.
If you require this information in any other format, we can provide a range - please email us: [email protected]

To view this information in large print in .pdf format, click here.