30 October 2023

10 Things to do with your Sister at Least Once

A sister is like a friend you can do weird and wonderful things with. So why not plan a whole host of adventures that’ll one day become incredible memories that only the two of you share? Here are 10 ideas to get the ball rolling.

1. Enjoy a theatre show

London is the place to be for a wonderful stage production. There are loads of family theatre shows on right now, as well as gripping dramas and stand-up comedy, so take your pick and enjoy a night out to remember.

2. Stay up all night

Whether it’s watching movies or gossiping, wouldn’t it be fun to stay up all night with your sister? Stock up on snacks, pop on your pyjamas and enjoy a cosy night in. You could even tell ghost stories or play Truth or Dare for a bit of excitement.

3. Recreate an old photo

If you have an old photo of the two of you during your childhood, recreating it could be great fun, especially if it’s a silly photo. Your friends and family would love to see your new version and it would be nice to present the pictures side by side.

4. Surprise your parents

Parents always love to see their children, so why not call your sister and arrange to visit your parents at the same time? The shock on their faces will be worth the planning.

5. Take a class together

From yoga to pilates, kickboxing to karate, taking a class together is a great way to try something new without the fear of doing it alone. You never know - you may discover your new favourite hobby!

6. Do something adventurous

Ever wanted to climb Snowdon or go scuba diving? Then perhaps you can rope your sister in too. Doing something adventurous is a fun way to bond and make memories.

7. Explore a new place

Choose somewhere you’ve both never been before and explore it together. You’ll both be tourists seeing the place for the first time, even if it’s just a local woodland or walking route you’ve never been to. Google ‘fun days out near me’ for some inspiration.

8. Cook a fancy meal

Cooking and eating together is a great way to bond. If you both enjoy cooking, why not invite your friends and relatives over for the evening? You could whip up a fancy three-course meal for them to enjoy and devise a menu that plays to each of your strengths. Afterwards you’ll be able to enjoy the satisfaction of having produced great food.

9. Go on holiday

If you and your sister are close, a relaxing holiday or weekend  break could be ideal. Half the fun is in the planning, so flick through travel brochures together and dream of faraway destinations. Plus, once you’ve booked you’ve got something to look forward to.

10. Visit an old haunt

A family day out with your sister doesn’t have to be overcomplicated. Visiting an old haunt such as somewhere you used to go as kids or a favourite bar will provide plenty of nostalgic fun.

If it’s the theatre you’re interested in, book your tickets today to ensure you get the seats you prefer. You could even enjoy a pre theatre meal to make it extra special.