23 September 2019

15 Life Skills Learned In Theatre

The performing arts can be very hard, not only are you in front of hundreds of people but you are performing live. If you make a mistake with your lines or miss a cue then the whole production can go downhill. 

That can be immense pressure for an individual as every individual in theatre holds the overall performance up. In the best west end shows, actors have been performing in their roles for many year so they know everything like the back of their hand.

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Here are some of the life lessons you will learn in the theatre that can be applied to other job and industries:

  1. The most important life skill you learn in theatre is communication. Many theatre performers develop the ability to speak clearly, lucidly and thoughtfully. When you act on stage you are comfortable speaking to large groups of people. Many companies look for this in an individual when hiring.

  2. Being part of a theatre performance, it takes commitment and motivation. These are the skills people measure other people against when in university and education. Theatre performers are able to transfer their skills from theatre to other activities.

  3. In theatre you meet people from all walks of life, theatre gives you skills to work cooperatively with others without it being an issue.

  4. Time management skills are something that you learn from the Theatre. If you are going to be involved in the theatre, you will need to book rehearsals, work calls and other theatre demands simultaneously. Amazing time management skills are very appealing to employers from all industries.

  5. In theatre there is only one person in charge - the director, theatre teaches you to accept and respect authority.

  6. In theatre you will learn how to work under pressure, from learning your lines to making sure you nail a scene. You must stay positive and enthusiastic.

  7. You will learn how to be a goal oriented person as you will be setting yourself targets to meet. Employers will like that you can find practical ways to achieve your goals.

  8. People always try to hire creative thinkers but what they don’t know is problem solving can be valuable skill that cab be learnt in theatre. For example if there is a problem with the tech, you can find a solution and fix it.

  9. The theatre often gives you tasks to complete without supervision, they like independent working. The ability to work independently is one of the traits that employers look for.

  10. In theatre you are taught self-discipline, you need to control your life. You learn to govern your life from responsibilities and what you would rather do.

  11. Busy theatre performers learn the skill of concentration. If you are part of a production whilst in school you will need to concentrate to make sure that you succeed.

  12. The theatre usually needs individuals who voluntarily undertaken any tasks that needs to be done for the show to go on. Theatre teaches initiative skills.

  13. You must be able to accept rules in the theatre, there are procedures and rules that look after your safety. Theatre teaches you the importance of the rules.

  14. To work in the theatre you need to have a healthy self-image of yourself. Sometimes you might need to change yourself for the production.

  15. The theatre instills confidence skills within you and changes your “I can’t” to “I can” attitude.

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