23 August 2023

8 Ways Ghosts Communicate with the Living

Reading creepy novels or telling knee-knocking ghost stories around a burning fire can chill you to the bone. But what would you do if a spirit tried to reach out and talk to you in some way? Ghost experiences can differ. But here are eight ways that spirits typically communicate with the living. Best not to read this in the dark - unless you’re feeling particularly brave.

1. Communicate Through Touch

If you’ve ever been on a ghost hunt or watched a ghost stories play, you’ll know that people often report paranormal activity in the form of touch. From a hand on the arm to a caress of the face, there are many ways ghosts can make their presence known. Some spirits can also be a bit more aggressive, getting attention by pinching, pushing or pulling hair.

2. Communicate by Manipulating Electricity

Spirits are thought to be able to manipulate electric objects. So if the light flashes on and off mysteriously at a certain time of the day, it might not be a coincidence. To give you a hint as to who the spirit might be, they might try and draw your attention to something specific like turning up the radio volume when a specific song plays. Perhaps it was someone’s favourite song when they were alive - and they know you will understand the message.

3. Communicate by Moving or Throwing Objects

Poltergeists are well-known for throwing or moving objects and causing a general disturbance around the home. Ghosts of this kind are thought to be angry spirits expressing some kind of frustration. Perhaps they don’t want you living in their former home? Or maybe they are annoyed that they’re trapped in the spirit realm and can’t rest.

4. Communicate Through Repetition

Do you wake up at the same time every night? Perhaps you hear the same old sounds in the early morning or before you go to sleep? Whatever the case, a ghost could be trying to get your attention through repetition.

5. Communicate Through Speech

Ever heard a whisper in your ear or a shout in the distance? Ghosts might be trying to communicate through speech. But as they’re trying to cross into the world of the living, this might not be an easy task, meaning the sounds they make are faint.

6. Communicate Through Ouija Boards

To make it easier for ghosts to communicate, many ghost hunting groups set up Ouija boards in rooms and buildings suspected of being haunted. The spirit can then spell out what they want to say by moving a planchette to various letters and numbers. It can also answer ‘yes’ and ‘no’ to specific questions.

7. Communicate Through Smell

If you get a whiff of your grandmother’s perfume or your uncle’s tobacco, they might want you to know they’re still around and you’re not alone. Smells connected with loved ones can be quite reassuring to those who have lost someone close to them.

8. Communicate Via Ghost Hunting Equipment

Ghost hunters often take a variety of tools, toys and equipment to encourage spirit interaction. Ghosts can move a light up ball that flashes when it touches, for instance. During a ghost hunt, explain what the ball is for and how they can make their presence known in case they don’t understand.

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