13 September 2023

8 Ways to Bond with your Mother-in-Law

There are many reasons why you might want to focus on your relationship with your mother-in-law. Maybe you’ve recently tied the knot and want to make a good impression. Maybe you’ve been living far away and want to build a better relationship. Or maybe there have been tensions in the past that you want to iron out. Whatever the case, here are nine ways to make that family bond stronger.

1. Head to the Theatre

If you’re looking for a fun-filled family day out, a trip to the theatre won’t disappoint. From dramas and ghost stories to comedies and musicals, there’s something for everyone in London’s West End. So hopefully one of the many family theatre shows will appeal. Head to the city early for a spot of sightseeing and maybe even enjoy a pre-theatre dinner too.

2. Go for a Long Walk

Sometimes, family members just want to be included in your day-to-day life. So why not plan a long, leisurely walk that you can enjoy together? This is the perfect chance to catch-up and talk about topics that are important to you or interests that you might share.

3. Plan a Family Picnic

When researching ‘fun days out near me’ don’t feel you have to overcomplicate things or spend lots of money. Family picnics are great as they’re in a neutral location, no-one has to host and the washing up won’t be left to one person. Being outside in a beautiful park or by the river can also help to minimise any awkwardness that might arise.

4. Enjoy a Family Games Night

If you find it difficult spending one-on-one time with your mother-in-law, there are still ways to bond. Arranging a family games night is a great idea as it’ll help you to get to know each other more in a relaxed, fun setting. Have a selection of games ready to teach your in-laws but also ask them to bring along their favourite game to teach you.

5. Ask for Help and Advice

Asking your mother-in-law for advice shows you trust what she has to say. If you’ve been tasked with baking a cake for your child’s birthday, for example, but know your mother-in-law is an expert baker - go ahead and ask for help. Simple things like this can bring you closer.

6. Head for Afternoon Tea

A little treat now and again is needed. So how about a spot of afternoon tea? Choose a lovely venue and invite your mother-in-law along. Or, if it’s her birthday, tell her you want to take her out and to let you know a suitable date. You can both dress up for the day and enjoy some delicious light bites together.

7. Get the Kids Involved

If your mother-in-law is also a grandparent, why not get the kids involved? They can make her cards on special occasions or take round homemade treats if she lives close enough. You could even just invite her round to spend time with the little ones.

8. Give Her a Call

If you don’t live near each other, make sure you call your mother-in-law regularly to help her feel part of the family. This is especially important if she lives alone, feels lonely or if you’ve recently relocated far away.

Bonding with extended family members isn’t always easy, but these tips should help.