21 August 2023

9 Benefits of Introducing Your Child to Theatre

If you’re looking for ‘family days out near me’ that’ll keep everyone happy, how about a trip to the theatre? There are many productions suitable for all ages and your little ones are sure to have a good time. With this in mind, here are nine benefits of introducing your child to the theatre.

1. A chance to spend quality time together

Family theatre shows allow for quality time together. Simply pick a production they might like, such as Dinosaur World Live which is suitable for ages three and up, and enjoy a unique experience. While many shows are adult-only, there are productions specifically tailored for youngsters with no interval and shorter running times of around 50-55 minutes.

2. Eye Opening

Children learn by studying the world around them and theatre can be an eye opening experience. It’s something different and a perfect option for family fun days. They’re sure to love the lighting, scenery, music and special effects. Shows such as Dinosaur World Live also include life-like puppetry which is nothing but spectacular.

3. Inspiring

Seeing talented performers live on stage can be inspiring. Perhaps your children will want to take up singing, dancing or acting when they’re older. You never know what might spark their interests and shape their future, so it’s worth exposing them to the arts.

4. Educational

Many theatre productions including Dinosaur World Live are educational as they’re loaded with child-friendly facts. Information is also presented in a lively, fun and engaging way making it more likely to be absorbed. If your child is dino mad, an on-stage dino show is a great way to keep their imaginations alive.

5. Break from the Norm

Stepping inside one of London’s majestic theatres is not something you do on a daily basis. It’s a break from normality that’s sure to delight youngsters. Buy snacks, treat yourself to souvenirs and enjoy a day that’s completely different to any other.

6. It’s a Form of storytelling

If your children love bedtime stories or child-friendly movies, they’re sure to love live theatre. It’s a different kind of storytelling designed to engage young minds.

7. There’s plenty of Interaction

Theatre shows for children are packed full of interactive moments. From singalong songs and shoutout moments to the chance to go up on stage and meet characters face-to-face, West End shows are always engaging.

8. Chance to learn social interaction

Exposing children to different social environments will help them to develop many interpersonal skills that are required in life. At the theatre they’ll learn how to sit nicely, not talk when the actors are on stage and join in when required.

9. A break from screen

In this modern world, many children are exposed to screens for several hours a day. While there’s no harm in them having gadgets, it’s good to show them other kinds of entertainment and give them a break from the digital world. If you’re worried about their concentration, be sure to bring plenty of snacks, fidget toys and other things that’ll help them focus.

Check out what’s on in London’s West End this season and book your family theatre tickets today.