31 January 2024

A Guide to Selecting Theatre Shows That Delight the Whole Family

A trip to the theatre is a wonderful activity for 2024. It’s entertaining, exciting and can even inspire youngsters to join a drama club or pursue their dreams of performing. But how can you choose a show that everyone will enjoy? Here’s a guide to help you out.

1. Check What’s On

The festive theatre season is coming to an end, so firstly look to see what’s on in the New Year for the dates you’re free. Write down anything that catches your eye and then shortlist your favourites. Be sure to read the synopsis of each show to see if it’s something you might fancy as part of a family day out. Keep in mind that while some shows run for a long time in the same theatre, others have a limited run. Shrek: the Musical, for instance, is hitting London in July for six weeks only - so book your tickets now to avoid disappointment.

2. Read Reviews

Theatre reviews can be found online and will give you a better idea of what both critics and regular theatregoers thought of each show. Reviews will give you a deeper insight into the production and help you decide if it’s the kind of show everyone in your family will enjoy. Bear in mind that professional critics and journalists will be more discerning than your average audience member, so read their reviews alongside those of parents or theatre enthusiasts.

3. Think About Who’s Going

While older kids will be able to understand more complex topics and themes, younger kids will need simple, upbeat content. So, always think about who is going and what they might enjoy.

For adults, suspenseful thrillers such as 2:22 a Ghost Story are sure to prove popular. Such shows are designed to keep the audience on the edge of their seat and offer plenty of plot twists and turns. Teens, on the other hand, might fancy something culturally relevant, modern and hip, with Rehab the Musical dealing with difficult topics in a warm and compassionate way.

If you’re looking for a theatre show for young kids, productions such as The Tiger Who Came to Tea are ideal. This show features plenty of interactive moments, singalong songs and slapstick comedy as well as bright, vibrant costumes the little ones will love. It’s also much shorter than regular shows and has no interval, making it perfect for limited attention spans.

4. What’s Touring?

London’s Theatreland is the perfect place to catch a really great show. But sometimes you don’t have to venture to the West End for entertainment. Many shows go on tour and could be coming to a town near you. So research fun days out near me’ and find out which popular productions are on the road this season.

There are many wonderful family theatre shows on this year, so book your tickets today with KX Tickets and enjoy a day to remember.