06 December 2021

Best ghost movies

Want to watch a scary ghost story live? Then come check out  ‘A Christmas Carol – A Ghost Story’ live in theatre. Book your tickets for this epic thrilling show now!

For those of you who like a little bit of eerie-ness with their entertainment, this is for you.

A ghost story might not be the natural fit for the festive season but we’re here to convince you otherwise. A seriously supernatural production of  ‘A Christmas Carol – A Ghost Story’ is currently sending shivers down the spines of audiences at the iconic Alexandra Palace. In a new adaptation for the stage, there’ll be special effects, dancing, Victorian cheer and of course, lots of ghost action.

We’re giving a run down of our top picks of ghost-themed movies which will hopefully remind you of just how frighteningly fun it can be to take your seat in search of some spine-tingling action – if you’re brave enough!


One for the soft-hearted amongst us. A love story across two worlds, this classic romantic ghost story sees Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze as parted lovers who, through the help of a quirky psychic, find a way to reconnect. Of course who could forget *that* iconic pottery scene. With comedy genius thrown in by Whoopi Goldberg, this ghost story will have you reaching for the tissues in laughter or tears.


If you have little ones living under your roof  [as the sticky finger marks and toys strewn across the living room floor can testify] why not snuggle down together and join Casper the friendly ghost on his adventure to make friends with those living in the mortal world. Using ground-breaking visual effects and a sumptuous music score, it’s a tale of friendship, love and acceptance to warm the heart.

A Christmas Carol

So many actors have taken on the lead role of Charles Dickens’s famously miserable main character Scrooge it would be impossible for us to pick our favourite.

But it makes our list as it’s now the inspiration behind a new adaptation for the stage by Mark Gatiss who has brought his own particular twist on the classic – taking the spook level to the max to make a truly thrilling show.

You can buy tickets to the live production of ‘A Christmas Carol – a ghost story’ currently playing at the stunningly refurbished Victorian theatre at Alexandra Palace now!


Ok, so it’s slightly tongue-in-cheek, but these unconventional heroes – Peter, Ray, Egon and Winston - have been fondly fighting away the ghosts and ghouls for a while now and are absolutely part of the fright movie furniture. When naughty poltergeists or giant marshmallow men threaten the peace, who you gonna call? That’s right. You know the drill.

The Conjuring

You get 7 for the price of 1 with this series of movies which will forever want to make you sleep with the lights on. The Conjuring has taken its place in cult history as one of the scariest movie series to have been made for screen. Set in 1970s Rhode Island, a family find themselves subjected to the disturbing whims of paranormal activity which takes place in their new home. Warning – these films are definitely not for the youngsters.

If this quick list has inspired you to go in search of a real-life supernatural show a quick reminder that, ‘A Christmas Carol – a ghost story’ plays at Alexandra Palace until 9 January 2022.

This ghost story show is recommended for 8+ as it does contain some spooky ghosts!