28 June 2023

Broadway magic: Unforgettable moments from Disney’s Newsies

In 2012, the Disney Newsies musical opened on Broadway, becoming an almost overnight success. Packed with drama, humour, catchy songs and stunning choreography, it captivated not only fans of the 1992 film, but new audiences and younger generations too. It played for over 1,000 performances before going on tour, and is now enchanting audiences in the UK.

Let’s take a look at some of the unforgettable moments of the Newsies Broadway musical.

Carrying the Banner

One of the first numbers of the musical, ‘Carrying the Banner’ is an upbeat song featuring the whole ensemble. It sets the scene, giving the audience a glimpse of what life for the newsies is like. The performance offers a taste of what’s to come, with heaps of energy, jumps and acrobatics, and conveys the feeling of community among the newsboys, many of whom are orphans.

The newsies meet Catherine

Catherine’s first visit to the newsies effortlessly gets the audience rooting for their cause. The young reporter strides in as the newsboys sit in a café drinking water and discussing which of them will spread the word about the strike to the other boroughs. She enters boldly, asking, “Why is everyone so scared of Brooklyn?” This leads to a humorous  exchange of insults before Catherine persuades the newsies to let her tell their story. It’s a powerful moment; one at which the newsies really start to believe they could make a change.

Seize the Day

One of the most unforgettable moments in the Newsies Broadway show is the performance of ‘Seize the Day’. Christopher Gattelli’s choreography really shines here, showcasing several dance styles from street dance to ballet. It’s a dynamic performance, impeccably timed, with pirouettes, leaps and acrobatics that display the cast’s exceptional talent and really captures the spirit of the hopeful young newsies.

Jack and Catherine’s rooftop encounter

A highlight of the second act, Jack and Catherine’s encounter on Jack’s rooftop is another pivotal moment of the show. Jack has accepted a deal from Joseph Pulitzer, and is intending to head off for Santa Fe when he runs into the reporter. We see a more vulnerable side of Jack here, and the pair’s duet, ‘Something to Believe in’, is a tender moment with soaring vocals and plenty of emotion. Crucially, this is the scene in which Jack is persuaded to stay and rejoin the newsies’ cause.

Roosevelt’s entry

Just like the real-life newsboys’ strike, Newsies has a happy ending. It’s immensely gratifying to watch Joseph Pulitzer, the newspaper tycoon against whom the newsies have been pitted, forced to back down, thanks in part to the intervention of the then-governor, Teddy Roosevelt. Roosevelt arrives just as Jack and Pulitzer are facing off, breaking the tension with humour and all but embarrassing the newspaper boss into negotiating a fair deal with Jack.

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