16 May 2019

Historic UK Murder Trials

There are many historical murders that have shocked the nation, from political assassinations, train robberies to pre-teens who became killers.

These are the crimes that dominated the news of their time. People have a tendency to be interested in murder mystery shows, trials and punishments. For high profile cases, the murders and trials are reported on via media and discussed in households and workplaces across the country.

Here are some of the historic UK murder trials that gripped the nation:

  • The shepherd’s bush murders was notorious for the murder of two police officers after they made a routine check on their car. This crime took place on August 12th 1966, there was an outrage amongst the public as they believed that the life sentence that was given wasn’t enough. The public wanted the death penalty to be re in stated as it was just recently abolished.

  • Jamie Bulger was murdered in February 1993 by two ten year old boys who lured him away from a Liverpool shopping arcade while his mother was distracted. The boys Robert Thompson and Jon Venables led the crying toddler across the city to Walton. They killed him by repeatedly dropping a 22lbs piece of steel railway track on his head. He was found two days later after his body was cut in half after a freight train went over him. Thompson and Venables were both tried and convicted as Britain’s youngest murderers.

  • The Lockerbie bomber became famous all over Britain after he planted a bomb in the hold of a Pam Am flight in 1988. The flight from London to New York exploded as the plane flew over the Scottish market town of Lockerbie. All 259 passengers, crew and 11 people in their homes were killed in the mass murder in British history. It was believed that the attack was ordered by the former Libyan leader Colonel Gadaffi.

  • Another crime that shocked the nation was when a drunken cat burglar Michael Fagan broke into the Queens apartment and was found sitting at the end of her bed. He went on to explain how this was the second time that he had breached security. This crime was scary because the royal family was under assassination threat from the IRA. This crime was an embarrassment to Scotland Yard’s Royal Protection Squad. The culprit had apologised to the Queen and was sentenced to a short jail sentence.

  • A family doctor under the name of Harold Shipman is known to have murdered 218 of his patients, but the actual number might be much higher. He let victims go home with deadly injections of diamorphine. Most of the victims were elderly women but the youngest victim was a man aged 41. He got away with it because he alone signed the death certificates, but he was eventually caught when an elderly victim made him a beneficiary to her estate. Shipman was jailed for life after an extensive trial in 2000 but he hanged himself in 2004.

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