25 May 2023

How Disney's Newsies Inspired a Generation of Performers

Released as a movie in 1992, by Walt Disney Pictures, Newsies went on to inspire the Newsies musical which made its Broadway debut in 2012. Based on the newsboys’ strike of 1899, this epic production is now showing at the Troubadour Wembley Park Theatre in London. But how is it inspiring a new generation of performers? Let’s find out.

A Healthy Dose of ‘Kid Power’

Welcoming a wave of fresh talent to the stage, Newsies is an inspirational musical for children and teenagers alike as it shows how young people are very much needed on stage.

The plot of Newsies is based around young newspaper sellers, or ‘Newsies,’ who revolt and go on strike after publisher Joseph Pulitzer makes it harder for them to earn a living. Newsies at the time were typically aged between four and fifteen and therefore this musical is packed with talented youngsters delivering a healthy dose of ‘kid power.’

From Newsie ringleader, Jack Kelly, to brothers Les and Davey, many of the main roles are taken on by actors in their teens and early 20s. This in itself is enough to inspire generations of young actors who don’t just want to be simply placed in the ensemble, but who want to take centre stage.

Showcases Different Talents

What’s really great about shows like Newsies is that it has the power to inspire performers with a wide range of different skills and talents. An eclectic mix of dance styles including ballet, tap and street dance as well as high-level acrobatics are celebrated in expertly choreographed routines that certainly bring the ‘wow’ factor. The message here is clear - hone your talents and you could end up on stage. After all, the West End has opened its doors over the years to actors from all walks of life and with a wide range of performing abilities.

Offers Deeply Moving Storytelling

For many performers, storytelling is a huge part of acting. Many budding artists want to be part of something that’s different, revolutionary and unique - and Newsies is all three. Newsies is popular thanks to its ability to address the exploitation and injustice faced by young and underprivileged boys at the turn of the 20th century. It has a key message and brings to light a movement that changed America. As such, seeing the show is sure to encourage many people to audition for future productions of Newsies or to aim for a part in similar productions that boast strong ethics and storytelling.

If you’re a teen looking to be inspired, or you have kids who love the theatre and long to be on stage, don’t miss the chance to see Newsies. Buy your musical tickets today and enjoy a day out in London to remember.