11 April 2022

How to Plan for a Kid’s Show

Taking the kids to the theatre is a real treat, especially as there are some incredible productions designed specifically for family entertainment. The Tiger Who Came to Tea, for instance, showing at the Theatre Royal Haymarket this summer, is a kids play in London that’s sure to delight, so why not book your tickets today and join in the fun? If you are heading to a show with little ones, here’s how to prepare.

Make Sure the Kids Aren’t Hungry

Hungry kids can become unsettled and fidgety. They might not be able to focus on the show and be constantly nagging you for snacks. So it’s a good idea to feed them in advance either at home if you live nearby or at one of the West End’s many eateries - most of which do some sort of pre-theatre menu. It’s also advisable to bring some snacks and drinks into the theatre with you, as this can help young kids to stay calm and sit for longer periods of time.

Explain the Show in Advance

To avoid any kind of confusion or a flood of questions during the production, try to explain what the show is about briefly beforehand. If you’re going to the tiger show London, for example, you might want to read your kids The Tiger Who Came to Tea picture book by Judith Kerr, so that on the day of the play, they’re familiar with the plot. Run through each one of the characters and perhaps tell them what they might expect on the night, including costumes, clumsy chaos and plenty of sing-along fun.

Map Out Your Route

We all know that little legs don’t like to walk far. So try to map out your route and locate the nearest bus/tube station to the theatre you wish to visit. This will save any unnecessary hanging around and will ensure you get off at the right stop. The nearest London Tube stop for the Theatre Royal Haymarket is Piccadilly Circus, but as some lines are prone to delays and strikes, you should also check that the route is running as normal. If not, there are other stations nearby, such as Oxford Circus.

Think About Show Times

While older kids might be able to handle evening shows, younger kids might be better off with a matinee performance. This is held in the afternoon and so the little ones should still be full of life. It’s also a good idea to check out the age guidelines for any children’s show in London you wish to see, as this will give you a good idea of whether or not it’s appropriate for your family.

Don’t miss The Tiger Who Came to Tea this summer in central London. Book your tickets today for a roar-some day out.