15 December 2023

How To Start Roller Skating: A Beginner’s Guide to Fun

If you’re looking to start a new hobby now or in the New Year, why not give roller skating a go? It’s fun, great for fitness and can be enjoyed with friends and family at a roller skating park. It’s also not as tricky as other sports such as ice skating, making it ideal for all ages. Here’s how to start your roller skating journey in style. 

Book Roller Skating Lessons 

As with every sport, there are certain basic skills you have to learn when it comes to roller skating. So, what better way to learn how to skate properly than booking lessons with a qualified instructor? From discovering how to brake safely without crashing into the barrier to practising new moves, lessons will give you the confidence you need to hit the roller rink or skate park. 

Find a Roller Rink

For roller skating to be an enjoyable experience, you need to skate on a smooth surface. Some urban areas are well-tarmacked and great for more experienced skaters, but dedicated skate parks and roller rinks are better for beginners, being designed especially for skaters to test out their moves. Rollerscape in London, for instance, offers quality skating in Wembley complete with skating discos, events and skate hire. It’s great fun for ages and you’ll be able to show off your best dance moves on four wheels.

Buy Your Own Skates 

Hiring skates usually isn’t an issue. Venues such as Rollerscape will lend you skates for your session and you simply return them at the end. If you want to practise skating at home or in a local skate park, however, buying your own skates is a good idea as you’ll have them whenever you need them. With Christmas round the corner, you could even ask for skates as a gift and roll your way into 2024.

Get Friends and Family Involved 

If you’re nervous about starting roller skating, why not ask friends and family to do it with you? Take lessons together or simply hit the skate parks and offer each other support. If you go roller skating in Wembley, take your friends along for support and enjoy the discos and special events together. Activities such as skating are typically more fun in a group anyway, and you can all learn and make mistakes at the same time.

Keep Trying

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try and try again. You might feel a bit wobbly at first, but the more you skate, the more you’ll get used to the gliding movement and what you need to do to keep your balance. Again, if you’ve had lessons, think about what the instructor tells you every time and try to put this into action.

Roller skating is great fun for all ages, so book your tickets to Rollerscape today for plenty of festive fun. From live music and roller discos to food, drink and even a Santa’s grotto, this is the place to be this Christmas.