30 June 2023

How to Unravel Ghost Mysteries Through Investigation

There’s something wonderfully unnerving about the paranormal. Do spooky spirits and ghastly ghouls really exist or are they just figments of our imagination? The unknown is what causes so much fear. But is it possible to unravel a ghost story or supernatural mystery through investigation? Let’s find out.

Ghost Hunting Techniques - For the Brave Only

Many people try to learn more about ghosts by heading directly to ‘haunted’ locations such as creepy churches or abandoned hospitals.  Professional ghost hunters use all kinds of technology and gadgets including electromagnetic field detectors to try and locate spirits and monitor their activity. Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP) detectors are also popular tools. Built from old radios, these rapidly switch between radio stations to create white noise. It’s thought spirits can communicate through the static energy if they wish to. Touch-activated flashing balls used by pets are another way to contact the spirit world. If you think a ghost is present, you can call for them to move the ball and see what happens. Scary stuff!

Facing Fears Head On

If you thought your house was haunted would you run for the hills or stay to confront your fears? While you’d be forgiven for running away, investigating further could put your mind at ease (or not). Perhaps those ‘bumps in the night’ are from poor plumbing or maybe the wind is making the door bang? That slow, steady rocking chair noise in the dead of night might be coming from next door. How can you know for sure unless you do some digging?

If you’ve ever seen or heard of 2:22 A Ghost Story, currently playing at London’s Apollo Theatre, you’ll know that Jenny, Sam and their dinner guests decide to stay up to 2:22. Why? Because Jenny has been hearing strange sounds at that specific time each night. Could it be something spooky and fearsome making the noises or is there a harmless explanation? There’s only one way to find out. Ghost story shows like this build suspense by not giving the audience obvious answers.

Ouija Boards

People often use ouija boards in an attempt to communicate with spirits. Ouija boards come with printed letters, numbers and some basic words such as ‘yes’ and ‘no’. People gather round the board placing a single finger on a planchette. This looks like a guitar plectrum with a hole in the middle. Questions are then asked in a bid to seek responses from a contacted spirit. Spirits can spell out words, point to letters, or answer yes/no questions. Ouija board activity can be rather unnerving, especially if you’re in a creepy location or a dark room, so it’s important to have nerves of steel. Or at least pretend you do.

If you’re interested in ghost story theatre, don’t miss 2:22 A Ghost Story. This show will have you watching from the edge of your seat and is great for anyone who’s fascinated by the supernatural and enjoys a tense plotline. Book your tickets today.