13 October 2023

Song and Dance: Why Do We Love Musicals So Much

A musical is very different from a play. It’s a story told through song and has the power to conjure up a whole array of wonderful emotions. Musical theatre speaks to the soul and can make you feel happy, sad, nervous and can even take you on a nostalgic journey into the past. So with this in mind, let’s take a closer look at the magic of musicals and why audiences love them as much as they do.

Musicals are a Form of Escapism

When the band starts playing, the dancers showcase their routines and the vocalists bring the stage to life, nothing else matters. For that moment, you can sit back, relax and fully immerse yourself in musical theatre that’s so engaging you forget the trials and tribulations of everyday life. Musicals let you escape the day-to-day norms and be transported to new worlds and enchanting settings. They let you see things from other perspectives and shine a light on stories you may not have heard before.

Musicals Tug on the Heartstrings

There’s something about music that really tugs on the heart strings. From sad songs in a minor key to upbeat fun songs, you can go on an emotional journey in one single show. As the storyline progresses further and further with each song, audiences are encouraged to really listen to the lyrics and many of the stage songs produced are repetitive to get the message across clearly. This can leave you singing the same song over and over for days to come as you remember what a wonderful time you had at the theatre.

Musicals Offer a Nostalgic Experience

Many musicals feature songs from times gone by, taking audiences on a nostalgic journey. Some shows are scripted around songs from a particular group or band - such as Mamma Mia or We Will Rock You. There’s also those such as Close-Up: The Twiggy Musical, which have a soundtrack from the swinging sixties and stylish seventies. Musicals with these themes are designed not only to help us enjoy familiar songs in a new way but also to remind us of our own childhood or young adulthood and the comfort of a simpler life.

Musicals are Packed with Talent

Those with musical tickets often leave the auditorium impressed by the level of talent on display. West End cast members are chosen for their top-class dancing and singing abilities, and have what it takes to ‘wow’ audiences. If you’ve even come away from a show wanting to be just like one of the characters or performers, the musical has done its job well. Taking kids to the theatre can also inspire a whole new generation of performers.

If you love the theatre, don’t miss out on tickets. Musicals sell out quickly, so grab yours today and enjoy a day out to remember.