11 December 2019

The Main Characters of Fame the Musical

Fame the stage musical is based on the 1980’s musical film with the same name. The theatre performance is produced by De Silva about students at New York city’s high school of performing arts. 

The successful film critically and commercially was followed by six seasons of television series and the musical theatre production. Since the first production, the musical has had hundreds of professional and amateur productions in every major language.

Fame the Musical plays London and many other locations for their Europe Tour. In the UK they are based in Troubadour Wembley Park Theatre with seats ranging from £10 - £65.00 which a perfect gift for Christmas.

Main Characters:

  • Serena Katz – She is the shy actress who has a romantic interest in Nick who is nerdy but is very talented.

  • Carmen Diaz – This lead character is a triple threat dance major who is confident and sassy. Her ambition is to make it big in the industry as she is obsessed with fame. She has been in a casual relationship with Tyrone but develops feelings for Schlomo. She leaves school in the middle of 11th grade to move to LA after being promised by an agent that he will make her a star. Now she is in the city of dreams trying to find her way.

  • Schlomo Metzenbaum – He is a quiet classical violinist who is setting up rock band which takes on the role of the caretaker of the classmates. Schlomo comes from a musical background but is fed up of the expectations to do well but wishes to rebel.

  • Jose Vegas – He is the Spanish actor who is the comic of the show. In his life he has come from a bad home and has been dealt a bad hand. He has a crush on Carmen which we later see is more than an innocent crush, he has an issue with handling his sexual feelings. He is considered a bad boy and is disliked by Serena.

  • Iris Kelly – a talented Ballet dancer who is believed to be very wealthy but during the course of the high school musical show it is proved otherwise. She can seem very stuck up but this all boils down to her various insecurities that play out in the high school musical. Iris and Tyrone share a love-hate relationship with each other.

  • Mabel Washington – She is a dancer and singer who appears to be overweight, she is battling with losing weight. She has a strong weakness for food.

  • Tyrone Jackson – He is a hip hop dancer who is extremely talented. Throughout the performance he struggles with dyslexia and comes from a poor family. Tyrone and Iris share a love and hate relationship.

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