17 February 2022

Rambert’s Peaky Blinders: The Redemption of Thomas Shelby

Rambert Dance today release the first look trailer for Peaky Blinders: The Redemption of Thomas Shelby, a dance theatre show coming to Troubadour Wembley Park this Autumn.

Written and adapted for the stage by Peaky Blinders’ creator, Steven Knight, and directed and choreographed by Rambert’s Artistic Director, Benoit Swan Pouffer, Peaky Blinders: The Redemption of Thomas Shelby will have World Premiere at co-producing partner venue Birmingham Hippodrome on 27 September, running until 2 October, followed by a London Premiere at Troubadour Wembley Park Theatre between 12 October - 6 November before embarking on a UK tour in 2023.

Peaky Blinders: The Redemption of Thomas Shelby will feature the 20 permanent Rambert Dance company on stage, and a live band playing specially commissioned music and is Rambert’s first collaboration of this kind.

Through dance theatre, Peaky Blinders: The Redemption of Thomas Shelby, picks up the story of the Peaky Blinders at the end of World War One, following Tommy Shelby and Grace Burgess through their passionate love affair. While Tommy is building his empire, Grace is operating as an undercover agent for Special Branch on a mission to get close to the heart of Tommy’s gang. As the story unfolds, many hearts are broken.

...You young men of the Tunnelling brigade, you are all dead. Not counted among the dead because your bodies were not buried with the dead. But dead inside...

Dazzling, athletic dance and stunning dramatisation with an iconic eclectic Peaky soundtrack from a live on-stage band.

Tommy and the Peaky Blinders fought together at Flanders and the show opens in the trenches. Bound by this experience, a very personal story unfolds as the Shelby family navigate the decisions that determine their fate and Tommy is intoxicated by the mysterious Grace.

“…an independent dance company, dedicated to bringing dance to the people.”
Thomas Shelby on Rambert, S4 Ep5