17 January 2023

Things to do on a winter night in London

Winter is a season for wrapping up warm and enjoying the magical feeling that comes with early sunsets. Those looking for a good night out in London this winter will find plenty to entertain them, as the capital offers lots of interesting things to do - even if live music and clubbing aren’t really your scene. Here are a few suggestions for a great London night out, whatever your interests.

Catch a courtroom drama

Agatha Christie is one of Britain’s most celebrated crime writers, and among her best murder mystery plays is Witness for the Prosecution. This gripping courtroom drama is currently being performed in the magnificent London County Hall on Southbank, and immerses audiences in the action with its in-the-round setting.

The play follows Leonard Vole, who is on trial for murdering a widow for her wealth, and things take a shocking turn for him when his wife takes the stand - as a witness for the prosecution. Can Leonard persuade the court of his innocence and escape the hangman’s noose?

Enjoy after hours exhibits

A number of London’s most popular museums and art galleries offer after hours events during the winter months. In February you can head to the Tate Modern to celebrate the work of Magdalena Abakanowicz. Expect artist-led workshops, pop-up talks, film screenings and DJ sets, as well as food and drink throughout the evening.

Meanwhile, the Natural History Museum is hosting a range of night-time events, from sleepovers and silent discos to fictional mystery solving games and a special Valentine’s Day event that explores love in the animal kingdom.

Grab a camera

London’s famous landmarks are dramatically lit at night, and whether you’re a novice or a pro, winter is a great time to grab your camera and get snapping. Tower Bridge is particularly spectacular, as are the Houses of Parliament and St Paul’s Cathedral. There are lots of online guides to photographing London landmarks at night, so keep your phone handy for advice on the best apertures and ISOs to use for the effect you want to achieve.

Hop on a bus tour

If you live in the capital, you’re used to seeing open top bus tours trundling around the city all day. But did you know they run at night too? Sit back and discover the city after the sun sets, when everything looks at its most magical. Wrap up warm, as open top bus tours take around 90 minutes to complete. Alternatively, dare to step aboard a refurbished 1960s Routemaster bus for a ghost tour of the city. You’ll discover the dark and sinister side of London, with tales of execution, murder and haunting as you pass some of the capital’s best known landmarks.

Visit the Sky Garden

London’s Sky Garden is set on the 43rd floor of the Walkie Talkie on Fenchurch Street, and you can wander among the plants, view the sunset, and watch as the city lights up - all for free. If you fancy a romantic meal, there’s even a restaurant perched right at the top, offering stunning panoramic views as you dine.

Whether you’re looking to enjoy mystery plays, discover art, or indulge in spooky stories, London has lots to offer on winter nights. Theatre lovers shouldn’t miss Witness for the Prosecution, one of the most popular murder mystery shows this season. Book your tickets today.