17 June 2023

Top 5 tips for a family day out to the theatre

The theatre can be a magical experience for kids, giving them an opportunity to enjoy catchy songs, lively choreography, interactive moments and more. But family days out take careful planning, especially if it’s the first time your children have visited the theatre. With that in mind, here are five top tips for ensuring everything goes smoothly.

Pick a suitable show

While older children may be able to sit through a musical or full length play, many younger children will struggle to concentrate or stay still for 90 minutes or more. If you’re taking kids under seven, choose a show that’s aimed at their age group, such as the Olivier Award nominated The Tiger Who Came to Tea. Productions designed for kids are often shorter and have no interval, making things easier for everyone. Plus there are typically lots of interactive elements, so if you have a child that likes to stand up and join in, it simply adds to the fun.

Select practical seats

When it comes to booking your seats, there are a few things to bear in mind. The first is that while booster seats for young children may be available, they are provided at the theatre’s discretion, and there may be a small fee. Opting for seats in the dress or royal circle is often best and means you’re unlikely to need a booster seat. Choose seats close to the aisle if possible too, so that you can sneak little ones out to the loo if necessary.

Plan ahead

You’re probably used to planning family fun days, so you’ll be aware that you need to allow plenty of time for travel, lunch and toilet breaks before the show. Check train times or traffic reports before setting out and if you’re having a pre-theatre meal, ensure you have a table booked so you don’t get caught out by crowds. Once you get to the theatre, make sure there’s time for a loo break and that you can comfortably get the kids settled into their seats before the curtain rises.

Bring snacks

Some kids can eat a good meal and still be hungry an hour later. If that sounds like your little one, bring some snacks along to keep them happy. Opt for something that won’t be messy, such as a packet of dried fruit or nuts, and pack a drink too.

Have fun!

If you’ve chosen a children’s show or family-friendly musical, your kids are sure to want to sing along and get up out of their seats to dance. Let them join in - and why not tap into your own inner child too? The more everyone enjoys themselves the better, and you’ll be setting your children up with a lifetime love for the theatre.

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