23 May 2024

What are the 5 Most Common Types of Theatre Productions?

There’s nothing quite like the West End. With its glittering lights, historic venues and captivating shows, there’s every reason to book tickets for the 2024 season. But what are the five most common types of theatre productions out there? Here’s a round-up. 

1. Musicals 

When we think of the West End, musicals are typically what spring to mind. These all singing, all dancing productions are hugely popular and feature some of the world’s most iconic songs. From hit shows such as Starlight Express, which is undoubtedly one of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s best West End musicals, to newer productions like Only Fools and Horses, you won’t be short of choice. Musicals often pull on the heart strings thanks to the emotive music and will have you singing some of the catchier lyrics for days. 

2. Plays 

Traditional plays are always popular on the West End too, with classic and contemporary plots drawing in audiences from across the country. Among the modern plays that’s taking Theatreland by storm is 2:22 A Ghost Story, which has attracted a host of celebrity cast members including Tom Felton, Jaime Winstone and James Buckley. Meanwhile, Agatha Christie classic, Witness For The Prosecution, is an edge-of-the-seat courtroom drama. The best West End plays tend to be fun and upbeat or intense and dramatic.

3. Immersive 

Unlike theatre shows which take place solely on the stage away from the audience, immersive shows are much more intimate and happen around the audience. There’s plenty of opportunity to interact with the cast, and with shows such as Pricilla The Party! you can even join in the fun on the dance floor. Immersive shows may even offer unique dining options, meaning you can enjoy a bite to eat and a drink while being entertained.

4. Family

Introducing children to the theatre at a young age is a good idea as it often inspires their imagination or encourages them to explore hidden talents. Family shows are full of age-appropriate fun and little ones will love all the bright, bold costumes. Productions made for the family come in many different forms. They can be musicals like Shrek The Musical, which is based on the hit DreamWorks animation, or plays such as The Tiger Who Came To Tea, which is based on Judith Kerr’s storybook of the same name. 

5. Modern Morality 

Morality plays such as Power of Sail are becoming increasingly popular in the West End, dealing with current themes and issues. Morality plays date back to Medieval and early Tudor times and were used to teach moral lessons about actions and consequences. Often characters would personify moral qualities such as charity or vice or abstractions such as death or youth. Contemporary morality plays have the power to make us analyse human nature and challenge our beliefs. 

The best West End shows come in many different forms. While some people love musicals and are always on the lookout for new productions, others prefer gripping plays or family productions. West End shows come and go, and many follow their London run with a UK tour. Book your tickets to a London show today with KX Tickets.