09 May 2024

What Drag Queens Look for in Shoes

If you’ve ever been to a drag act, you’ll know that fashion is everything. From sparkly dresses to bouffant wigs, there’s no such thing as boring or frumpy on the drag stage. And of course, every queen needs a glamorous pair of shoes - or fifty. The right footwear is key to a great show. So here’s what drag queens look for when out shoe shopping. 

1. Larger Sizes 

While drag queens with smaller feet might find killer heels in a size 8 or 9 on the high street, many have go-to brands that cater for the larger foot. As men typically have bigger feet than women, specialist stores offer incredible footwear up to a size 15. This includes stiletto heels, platform shoes, amazing boots and more. With stage shows such as Priscilla The Party bringing drag to the mainstream, footwear for drag queens is now far more accessible and highly sought after. 

2. High Heels 

New outfits require new shoes, but most drag queens have at least one pair of sky-high heels in their wardrobe. Forget kitten heels, drag acts love to walk around on stilettos and have nailed the art of walking, running and even dancing in the most outrageously tall shoes. High heels also give a drag act more stage presence and help them to ooze confidence and charisma. 

3. Unique Styling 

Drag queens carefully craft their own personas and find clothes to match the image they want to portray. This includes glamorous footwear. Most drag queens have big personalities and a unique sense of style, embracing everything from sequins and glitter to fur, feathers, chunky buckles, oversized platforms, bizarre shapes and more. The weirder and wackier the shoe, the better. And of course the shoes must match the outfit. Watch Priscilla The Party to see some of the best drag queen footwear live on stage.

4. Comfort and Support 

With multiple shows to perform over the course of weeks or months, drag queens don’t want to destroy their feet. So they look for amazing shoes with hidden comfort and support. Heels might look painful to wear but comfort can be improved with padded insoles and secure straps. Many shoes are also custom made to ensure they don’t pinch or hurt anywhere.

5. Replacements 

Drag queens can’t be caught off guard. If a strap or heel breaks, they need something equally glamorous as a replacement. Many drag queens will buy multiple shoes of the same colour or type as a backup, whereas others will simply have multiple shoes to hand in case they need to change. The moral of the story here is that drag queens simply can’t have too many shoes. 

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