19 May 2024

What is the Etiquette for a Drag Show?

Drag shows are designed to be fun, uplifting and entertaining. The mood is celebratory, lively and positive, with each show offering something unique and special. From the glamorous makeup and costumes to high-energy performances, there’s every reason to see your favourite drag queens in action. But what’s the etiquette for a drag show?

1. Respect the Performers 

When attending a drag queen show it’s really important to be respectful to the performers. Drag queens work hard to craft their on-stage personas and will have rehearsed for hours to ensure their acts delight audiences. So with this in mind, be sure to clap and cheer in all the right places and react positively when encouraged. 

If you’re new to the drag scene, it might seem a little ‘out there.’ But that’s no excuse to be rude. Drag is a spectacular artform and one that requires great attention to detail. So when heading to a drag queen theatre show, make sure you go with an open mind.

2. Be Accepting and Inclusive 

As you might expect, the audience of a drag queen show is likely to be extremely diverse. So it’s important to be open and inclusive with your views. Accepting others, no matter what their appearance or choices, is an important life lesson and one that will make you a better person. 

3. Don’t Heckle or Shout Out 

Drag queens are often quick witted and can handle an audience with ease, even if they’re sparky and unpredictable. That said, don’t heckle or shout out unnecessarily. If you’re asked to participate or get involved, that’s a different story. But follow the drag queen’s lead and don’t attempt to trade insults without encouragement from the performers. 

4. Don’t Talk During the Performance

Sometimes, drag acts perform in bars where the atmosphere is loud and people talk throughout. This is very different from a drag queen live show that’s designed to be watched and enjoyed from start to finish. Talking during a performance of this kind is rude and should be avoided. 

5. Put Your Phone on Silent 

Chatting on your phone during a drag show is a big no-no and you might get called out for it by the queen herself. A phone ringing loudly might also disturb the performance, so make sure you switch your device off or put it on silent.

6. Follow Guidance on Photos and Videos

While some shows might allow photos and videos to be taken throughout the performance, others will ask you not to use your devices in any way. Always follow guidance from the organisation team. If there’s a ‘meet the cast’ event afterward, do ask if you can get a picture of the drag queens before snapping away as this is just basic manners.

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