22 May 2023

Why 2:22 is the Perfect Film for Fans of Mysteries and Thrillers

You may have heard of 2:22 - A Ghost Story, which is currently playing in London. Theatre shows like this are packed with gripping moments and are designed to put you on the edge of your seat due to a truly creepy plotline. But did you know that there’s also a movie called 2:22? This tells the story of a man’s life that gets derailed by an ominous pattern of events that repeat themselves in exactly the same manner every day, ending at precisely 2:22 pm. Spooky? For sure, making it ideal for fans of mysteries and thrillers.

A Movie Packed with Synchronicity

Synchronicity describes events that appear linked but have no specific cause and effect connection. It’s used a lot in London’s West End theatre to build suspense and create mystery but can also be seen in the 2017 movie, 2:22. In this film, air traffic controller Dylan Branson is suspended from his job after almost causing a mid-air collision at exactly 2:22pm. Often repeated numbers are used in suspense-filled movies as they’re easy to remember and become somewhat haunting. 2:22, in particular, is believed to have some sort of spiritual connection.

A Rollercoaster Thriller with a Clever Concept

Following his huge career mistake, Dylan tries to rebuild his life, but it quickly becomes clear that things will never be the same again. Without giving too much of the plot away - after all, you might want to watch it yourself - Dylan meets a girl called Sarah. Sarah was on the plane that almost crashed and while Dylan feels terrible about what happened, Sarah feels grateful to Dylan for saving her life. Coincidentally, the pair share the same birthdays - yet another intriguing detail that bonds the two together.

A Movie of Patterns and Thrilling Twists

2:22 is full of patterns and thrilling twists. Dylan himself is an expert pattern spotter and when he starts seeing the same sequence of events at the Grand Central Station at 2:21 every single day, his world starts to unfold further. Eventually he discovers the fateful entanglement of a couple named Evelyn and Jake, who died in tragic circumstances at Grand Central. Dylan believes that due to a cosmic cataclysm which occurred on the day that Evelyn and Jake died, Sarah and Dylan are destined to relive the fates of the former couple. Again, Central Station and Dylan’s repetitive visions are a key detail here.

An Ending Full of Revelations

We won’t reveal the movie’s ending here, but let’s just say there are quite a few twists in the story and all was not as it first seemed with Jake and Evelyn. The long and short of the matter is, this is an incredible movie for fans of mysteries and thrillers. Will there be a happy ending for Dylan and Sarah? Watch to find out.

If you want to see a suspense-filled drama live on stage, book your theatre London tickets today for 2:22 - A Ghost Story. Full of intense moments, this show will tick all your boxes if you like anything to do with the supernatural.