09 March 2023

5 Incidents That Prove Ghosts Really Exist

Ghoulish tales, spine-tingling scripts and ghost story plays have haunted our imaginations for centuries. From spectre sightings to chilling whispers and plummeting room temperatures, it’s hard to explain away some of these phenomena. But will we ever really know the truth? For some, ghosts are very real. So here are five incidents that could prove that ghosts really exist.

1. Historic Hauntings at Hampton Court Palace

While ghost story shows will unnerve you and get your heart pounding, there’s something about real-life accounts that’ll keep you awake at night. Hampton Court Palace has been at the heart of many ghost stories over the years with people claiming to see the pale figure of Henry VIII’s wife, Jane Seymour, on the Silverstick Stairs. She died in October 1537, but while her physical body lies next to her husband at Windsor Castle, could her unsettled spirit be walking the palace corridors at night? Both employees and guests of the Palace think so.

2. Most Haunted’s Scariest Moments

Presented by Yvette Fielding and co-produced by Karl Beattie, Most Haunted has been a popular series since its inception in 2002, with some episodes standing out for being downright knee-knocking. Some of the scariest and most unexplained happenings occurred in the Live Edinburgh Vaults special in 2006 which saw cameraman, Stuart Torevell, experience a heightened attack. Whilst standing in one of the creepy vaults dating back to the late 1700, Stuart was heavily scratched and marked by an unseen entity across his back. This left the entire cast visibly distressed.

3. 30 East Drive

When Jean, Joe, Phillip and Diane Pritchard moved into 30 East Drive in August 1966, they couldn’t have predicted the poltergeist activity that would follow. From chalk like dust falling out of nowhere to puddles of water forming on the kitchen floor and green foam coming out of the taps and toilets, the events at the property terrified the inhabitants. The Pritchard’s daughter was even dragged up the stairs, with the goings on of 30 East Drive later documented in the horror film When The Lights Go Out. Hard to believe? Well, the plot thickens…

The Most Haunted crew decided to stay at the spooky location for their Halloween special in 2015 and the results were terrifying. Items moved, voices were captured live on EVP, a knife locked in a box was later found in another location and, most crazy of all, co-presenter Karl Beattie was dragged up the stairs, just like the Pritchard family’s daughter had been.

4. Haunted Elsa Doll

There have been many weird and wonderful ghost stories over the years. But when details of a haunted Frozen Elsa doll hit the headlines it gave people more than just a few chills. According to reports, the family threw the Elsa doll out, only for it to return to their living room a few weeks later. They then double bagged it and put the doll in the bin once again. Following a short trip away, the family returned to find Elsa in their back garden. To make matters even more creepy, Elsa would now only speak in Spanish and not English.

5. Death of Elisa Lam

Elisa Lam was last seen on January 31, 2013, in the lobby of the Cecil Hotel in Los Angeles. She was travelling through the West Coast, regularly blogging her trip and checking in with her loved ones until she mysteriously vanished. Soon after, footage was found of Lam acting oddly in the hotel elevator. She appeared to be talking to invisible people, crouching in the corner, opening and closing the door and speaking to unknown beings outside of the camera’s view. While some people think Lam had a psychotic episode, others are convinced she was possessed by a demon or engaging with ghosts.

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