14 July 2023

How to Make a Dinosaur Costume for Kids

If your kids are dino fanatics, you may have watched The Land Before Time on repeat or toured the Natural History Museum for hours. But have you seen Dinosaur World Live? This hugely popular show, currently playing at Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre, offers the ultimate dinosaur experience and will give you all the fancy dress inspiration you need. But don’t worry about getting overly technical with costume creation. You can create something impressive without the stress. So here are some worry-free dinosaur costume ideas for kids.

1. The No-Sew Dinosaur Mask

Useless with a sewing machine? Then worry not. This quick and easy no-sew option is great for those last minute parties or fancy dress events that you’d forgotten all about until you checked your diary. We’ve all been there. So here’s how to transform your child into their favourite dino.

Firstly, dress them in green or brown. A matching tracksuit with no logos or slogans would be ideal. Secondly, make a mask together. They will love this part as it involves cutting, colouring and getting creative. For a Triceratops mask, start by cutting the bottom third off a green paper plate. Paint it first if your plates are white. Cut a wiggly line around the dimpled edge of the plate to make the frill of the Triceratops head. Have a picture out on the table of a Triceratops so that your children understand their mission. Cut out two eye holes.

Next, cut two horn shapes and a nose from a piece of yellow card and attach them to the mask using glue. As this particular dinosaur also had a beak to help it clip through tough vegetation, you can also cut a beak-like shape out of brown card and stick this to the mask. Add any extra details using paint or colouring crayons before hole punching each side of the mask and attaching a piece of white elastic around 38 cm long (enough to fit round the child’s head).

2. No-Sew Dinosaur Feet

If you want to go walking with dinosaurs, you can make your very own dinosaur feet in no time. Start by drawing a dinosaur foot shape on a piece of card. You can do this freestyle or by using a template. Cut this out and use it as a template for the other foot so they’re both the same size. Your dino feet should be quite big as at the top of each foot (away from the toes) you need to draw and cut out a half moon shape. This should be big enough for your foot to slide through and allow you to wear the dinosaur feet. Don’t cut the half moon too near the edge of the foot. Decorate in any way you please and your feet will be complete. Happy plodding!

3. No-Sew Dinosaur Tail

No dinosaur costume is complete without a spiky tail, so here’s how to make one. Firstly, choose a bright colour as this will really make your dinosaur costume pop. Velvet works really well for this project. Fold the velvet in half and use a cardboard template to draw and cut a long triangular shape out of the material. Use a glue gun to seal up the long open edge leaving a gap at the top. Once that’s done, measure the longest side of the triangle and cut a series of spikes from another strip of material the same length, leaving one edge straight. Attach the straight edge to one side of the triangle using a glue gun. Your tail is then ready to stuff with something like polyester fibrefill. When it’s nice and full, glue up the top before attaching some elastic to either side which can tie around your child’s waist.

For an extra dash of prehistoric fun, book your tickets to Dinosaur World Live today and see the best dino live show in London.