21 July 2023

How to plan a dino-themed egg hunt

For generations, children have been fascinated by dinosaurs. There’s an enchanting element of mystery around them, given that they lived millions of years ago and the only things we know about them have to be discovered from their bones.

If your kids are dino-mad, there are plenty of opportunities to satisfy their curiosity about these prehistoric creatures. Alongside the museum visits, books and TV shows about dinosaurs is dinosaur theatre at its best: Dinosaur World Live returns to Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre this summer, introducing youngsters to some of the most interesting dinos with stunning puppetry and lots of interactive fun.

At just 50 minutes long, this acclaimed dinosaur show is perfect for kids aged three and up and leaves time for some other dino-themed activities before or after. Why not plan a dinosaur egg hunt to get you in the mood for your roarsome adventure?

Planning a dino-themed egg hunt

The location

An egg hunt is a great way to entertain the kids, keep them active and allow them to burn off some of the excitement for their theatre trip. The first thing to decide on is where the egg hunt will be. If your garden is big enough and has some bushes and other features where eggs can be hidden, you can host your hunt there. Otherwise you can head to the park or public garden. Make sure you know how many eggs you’re hiding and try to remember where you’ve put them!

The eggs

The next thing on your list is the eggs. You might choose to hide chocolate eggs like in an Easter egg hunt – or you could keep your little ones busy beforehand making the eggs themselves. You can cut out egg shapes from card and have the kids decorate them with paint, crayon or crepe paper and other crafting items. If you’re feeling really brave you can try marbling. This creates gorgeous swirly and spotted patterns that will make the dino eggs super special.

The timing

Ensure you leave plenty of time for the kids to find the eggs once they’re hidden. Preschoolers will likely need a little bit of help from older siblings or parents, while children of school age should be able to hunt the eggs down easily enough by themselves. Bear in mind the size of the space where the hunt will take place, and how big the eggs are – bigger eggs will be easier for younger children to find.

The prize

If you’ve hidden chocolate eggs, these in themselves are a great prize and ideal for feasting on as a reward for completing the hunt. If, however, you have several children taking part, you may want to hand out prizes at the end to avoid squabbling or to ensure everyone gets an equal share of the bounty. Chocolate and sweeties always go down well, or you could gift the Dinosaur World tickets as your prize, alongside a small dino-themed toy, book or sticker set.

For a fun and fearsome day out, don’t miss Dinosaur World Live at Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre between 11 August and 3 September. Book your tickets today!